With the analytical knowledge of a landscape architect and the practical hands of a gardener Muldoon is truly immersed within his surroundings. The act of painting expresses his emotional involvement to the subject.





Muldoon has spent some years inventing his own method of painting in egg tempera, often working on a large scale. Pigments and gessoed panels are prepared by himself.

The recent series of water paintings have become more abstract and suggestive as a response to the river which Muldoon walks each day. The work captures the fast changing light at either end of the day. The landscape becoming low lit and back lit, creating long shadows. This can sometimes be a melancholic interlude, and sometimes uplifting. Colour reduced to tonal variations, the scene suggestive of undercurrents. 

The process of painting further blends representation and abstraction. The aqueous medium produces its own quality of brush stroke, which are then almost entirely lost through the action of tooling and burnishing the surface. Exploiting the reflective surface of water, allows one to mirror, invert, and disorientate. The viewers eye must travel up, following the rhythm of reflections.



Muldoon has developed his own particular approach to garden design, much like his expressionistic style of painting. Designing planting mixes that will thrive in each others company, allows plants to grow with abandon. This approach keeps maintenance low while encouraging a naturalistic look for country setting. London becomes more formal and paired down. Muldoon is developing a range of potted plants (see potted and planted.com), specifically designed planting to suit harsh the urban environments of a terrace or courtyard in the city or by the Thames. 

In June this year the New Maggies Centre in Oldham opened. The Architects sought Muldoon out as one who understood species, composition and materials. His challenge was to respond to the wooded landscape and ‘treehouse’ concept of the building; defining and painting the setting with colour, texture and all scales of planting. His concept was to capture that inward breath you take when looking onto the fantastic view from Oldham towards the Pennines, the garden / landscape somehow translating panorama in miniature. The garden will be featured on Gardeners World TV series in July 2017



2007 – 2008 – Masters of Advanced Studies in Landscape Architecture, ETH, Zurich

2001 – 2004 – BSc (Hons) in Architecture and the Built Environment, University College London

1994 – 2001 – Bedales School. Awarded the Bedales Art Scholarship



2014 – to date – Full time artist. Set up own garden design business 

2012 – 2014 – Dan Pearson Studio, Landscape & Garden Design

2010 – 2011 Recovery from Bowel Cancer & return to England

2008 – 2010 – Vogt Landscape Architects, Zurich, Switzerland.

2007 – ETH, Zurich (see above)

2006 – Charles Morris Architect

2005 – Bonhams Art auctioneers



2017 - Josie Eastwood Gallery, Hampshire

2016 - November – Timothy Langston, Belgravia, London

2016 - April – Josie Eastwood Gallery, Hampshire

2013 – Codogan Contemporary, London

2012 – Trafalgar Park Art Fair, Wiltshire

2011 – Solo show Mallet, Bond Street, London

2009 – 2013 Art Movement, London

2008 – Solo Show ‘Swiss Alps’. Farmillo Fuimano, London

2006 – First solo show ‘Heaven and Earth’. Farmillo Fuimano, London

2004 – 2009 Group shows. Farmillo Fuimano, London.

2002 – First group show. Cynthia Corbett Gallery, London