Rediscovering and reinventing the renaissance painting technique of Egg Tempera.    Click here to watch interview
Winter River I
paint 34.jpg
Shadowed Waters IV
Shadowed Waters V
River Avon, Autunm
Twilight River
 Photographs taken by the River Avon, running below the old studio. 
Dragged Reflections I & II
 Small studies in technique and colour
Moving Water I
paint 32.jpg
paint 24.jpg
Golden Water II
Under the River
 Photograph. Water over the weir
 Paint studies
Green River I & II
 Painted and sketched studies
 Sketching large charcoals by the river and in the surrounding woods
Winter River III
paint 23.jpg
Winter River III
 Salisbury water meadows
 Investigating technique. Applying paint with large soft Chinese brushes in thin transparent layers. Splashes, rubbing & scraping through, washing off, burnishing. Then reapplying to build up layers of colour. 
paint 28.jpg
Golden Waters I
paint 26.jpg
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